Friday, July 5, 2013

Nothing So Far

Seem so long din't update~
i'm already comeback to Johor after
3 years study at Terengganu..
now it my time to give my service to my hometown..

this 2 weeks holidays..
it really relief me from inside and outside
although my cousin pass away on Wednesday..
yup sad feel the losses, she still young just 26 years..

but what make me nerve and freak out..
when daylight i see the corpse..
then at night it will haunted me~~
it hurt my head and make me crazy...
i just cant even i'm seen brave but..inside there
i was shaken and about to fall apart~~
yes, i'm very terrifying...
it happen start when my uncle death...
so at that time even now..
i cant see the corpse even i'm insist to kiss on his/her forehead..

this 8 july my official date intern in Cs Tan Associate at johor bharu,
which near to my father office~~
i'm a bit nervous..,
to think gonna come home late...
driving car alone...
hahah...have a fantasy been workaholic...
huhu..fantasy think about the future i must hold on...hahah.. weirdo..:)

on this 2 weeks holiday...
there is something that bothering my mind.. ex keep bothering to comeback
and another person that i called a friend
start become weird...
asking to go holiday with the place he wanted to go with someone special
that was me...
i don't want to accept anyone..
those people cant make my heart butterflies
what i can said if they truly wanted me..
then make me Halal for them first..
then i will hold onto them till my last breath..
i don't want wasted my time n energy love them..
at the end im the one suffer..
i don't want to be that girl i used to cried a lot
over the thing that called "love"

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