Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Travel abroad

hardcore traveller

Assalammualaikum~  good nite to all~~
it always been so long haven't update any post..
now finally got something to write on~ 
to travel abroad it not as easy as count 1,2,3..
but what i did is almost exactly the same...
as i simple and open.. got nothing was obstructed my ways~~

as i read some articles~~
the author always said~~
the best items in the world that young people should go
for it was experience... as the experience was more valuable than things

so i was made up my mind~~
atleast i want to spend my money to the experience that could last forever..
so im start searching the destinations i want to go~~ i like to go all places
and got no idea where should i start...

what i do~~ i recall those childhood memories~
that i got my first time dating with kazuya-san on my valentine day...(kazuya is japan exchange students)
then, i love alot the japan anime"bleach" has been crazy so many years~~
&  loved the Sakura flower super duper loving it~~
 then the heart wrenching stories when i broke up with someone who are work at Japan..
previous final year project cases studies for subject international business was also about Japan country~

Japan is the first destination i would start for to go travel..
it was the first country i will actually want to go solo travel
when i got so much correlation to the japan
but i dint get to go travel solo.. as a girl..
parent will be a bit hard to let me go solo...

then i gather up my colleagues to go with me~~
as all itinerary, all sort of that i fully planned and booked
all sort of things have been carefully taking care
 it just took me one weeks to decide the place and about 2 weeks
to bought the airplane ticket after done research
of the air-flight fare..

before im start buying the airplane ticket..
i already done the budget itinerary that include what sort of amount.. i need to spend on..
include those silly things...air fare also included
after bought the ticket flight~~ all those pre-itinerary will alter a bit such
the hardest things is to book hostel or guesthouse/ hotel..
for the budget person like me~~
along the way.... i bought the ticket to Nagoya japan..
n wanted to visit 3 district which is nagoya,kyoto and osaka for 8 days..
for 3 places i just spend around 13100 yen around of RM 390 something for total 7days...

it cheaper right...n the places of the hotel was actually very good and got
good rating from TripAdvisor and other backpacker traveller too~~
oooh forgot to told that... the places i wanted to visit i actually list down the top 10 most places need to visit
and compare to all websites,... before decide it as final paces to go...

hurm,... feel bit sleepy... as tomorrow ..
ok.. i stop right here... if u got anythg to know.. can pm me~.. :)

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